Michael MaginnisAll About Michael

My name is Michael Maginnis. I have been a photographer for over fifteen years. What began as a hobby later blossomed into various pursuits within the medium and has also led to my professional work. I began with the Herald-Mail Newspaper in 2005 shooting for its Hagerstown Blogs online feature. In that same year I made the move to Hagerstown Magazine where I continue to work as Out and About photographer.

My work has appeared in print and online with Hagerstown Magazine regularly since 2005. My  photography is on permanent display in the Washington County Visitor's Bureau in downtown Hagerstown.

I graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts from Frostburg State University in 2002- I consider myself an artist at heart. I have staged two solo exhibitions: a show entitled Resplendent Twilight at the Washington County Arts Council Gallery in 2007 and another I called Entitled to Purgatory at a private venue in 2009. I consider photography an artistic form to rival any other but of course one that also demands considerable technical attention.

Since my teenage years I've found it increasingly important to diversify instead of specialize my own creative abilities. I have accepted numerous commissions in a variety of fields which you can find in my gallery.

If you're looking for a photographer who can deliver you the picture you want but also cast an artistic eye to the inherent beauty of the visual world, then I would love to work for you!